essentim - essential improvement.

our story

2013 is the beginning of our story. Our vision of a real-time sample-centered monitoring system was born at the Chair of Medical Technology at the Technical University of Munich. We, Matthias Schuh and Florian Pichler, got to know each other at the TU Munich and treated intensively the question of incubation conditions in biological laboratories.  While trying to bring about an optimisation of the process conditions, one thing becomes clear for us: Precise measurements are required to find out whether an improvement has been achieved. Through initial measurements at the point of interest, we came up with the idea of making this the common standard in cell and biotechnology, thereby significantly improving value creation in production and research – combined with less effort for documentation, quality assurance and increased transparency. ​

2017 is the beginning of essentim.  After having started at the TU München with the Exist Gründerstipendium. In the following two years, we put our first sensor pilot projects in the field of laboratory technology on a solid basis. At the same time we act as a service provider for the development of hardware, firmware and software. In retrospect, this phase left its mark on us – we had the possibility to prove and consolidate our expertise.​

2020 our first OEM solution is delivered to the client. The product portfolio for wireless sensor solutions is completed. The field of services has been further expanded. Owing to the modularity of our tech stack, our development processes can be quickly adapted to specific customer needs and product solutions can be generated in short timeframes. ​

2021 we are a team of five experts in IT, electronics and mechanical engineering.

our DNA

transparency and reproducibility​

With our turnkey sensor and cloud solutions, we want to take data collection and data analysis to a new level. Everywhere in the physical world lies invisible, unmeasured critical data encoded that can have an impact on processes and outcomes – our goal is to make this data easily accessible and transparent. ​

We are convinced that the reproducibility and efficiency of processes can be increased to a maximum by means of well-annotated data sets. The intelligent and flexible use of our IoT solutions offer our customers an essential improvement and take process quality to the next level. ​

essentim Team

innovative, efficient and reliable

Matthias Schuh

CEO / Co-Founder
[Business Development & Sales]
"Deep down, every controversy has three sides: Your side, my side, and the right side." (P. Lapide)

Florian Pichler

CEO / Co-Founder
[Product Development & Electronics]
"You can only see well with the heart, the essential remains hidden from the eye". (A. Saint-Exupéry)

Bruno Schliersmair

[Software Development]
“You can't control what you can't measure” (T. DeMarco)


Jan Schmidle

[Backend/Cloud Development]
"Let me take a quick peek." (J. Schmidle)

Sandra Wohlgemuth

[Product Management & CRM]
"One should make things as simple as possible, but not simpler." (A. Einstein)


Paul Morandell

[Product Development & Electronics]
"Not all those who wander are lost[...]" J.R.R. Tolkien


Itay Grudev

[Software Development]

Aastha Chandiwala

Working Student
[Software & Electronics]

We are enthousiastic engineers in digital electronics, mechanical engineering and informatics. We develop new solutions in the field of wireless sensor technology and scalable web technologies – the internet of things for professional application areas. ​​

For us, our projects are more than just a service. For us, our projects mean a constant evolution of our company. We pursue all tasks with great commitment. We are curious. We are creative. We find the best solution for you

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