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Cold chain monitoring

ULT Transport Monitoring by essentim – essential improvement

Initial setup sphere

This tutorial shows the initial setup of an essentim sphere.

Initial setup pt100

This tutorial shows the initial setup of an essentim pt100 extension.

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Achema Pulse 2021


Together with 2mag AG, Integris LIMS GmbH, SmartLab Solutions GmbH and Sens-o-Spheres TU Dresden, we will show in a live demo how an exemplary laboratory workflow from ordering, sample management, sample processing, automated device communication through OPC-UA to documentation runs completely in one flow. Through the interaction of the individual components, it is shown how simply and quickly, but thoroughly, a task can be fulfilled holistically.

Analytica 2020

essentim- essential improvement for the lab of the future

essentim provides a wireless sensor system to monitor biological processes directly at the culture vessel without interfering with the established workflow. Thereby an uninterrupted real-time monitoring of relevant climatic parameters is enabled and allows immediate failure detection. Furthermore, operating procedures are recognized and automatically documented along with the trial specific measurements.