essentim web application

essentim web application

everything at a glance and ready to go​
In the essentim Web Application, all registered devices are displayed, and measurement values can be viewed, visualized, and managed. Users can create individual assets to see what really matters to them with just one click. Additionally, manual or automated reports can be generated, as well as notifications and alarms can be set.
  • View all measurement parameters from all sensors at a glance: No more compiling measurement results from different media.
  • Create personalized dashboards: Customize your monitoring view to meet your specific needs by designing individual dashboards with selected assets and parameters.
  • Set up automated reports and alerts: Automate your reporting and receive notifications when thresholds are exceeded, allowing you to act proactively and manage your systems efficiently.
  • Access your measurement data from anywhere, anytime 24/7, in conjunction with the scouter light.

Step-by-Step Guide

This video contains:
  • Login & Dashboard Navigation: Learn to access and navigate your digital hub.
  • Sensor Data & History: View and analyze precise monitoring data.
  • Asset Creation & Organization: Efficiently organize your assets.
  • Reports & Notifications: Generate reports and set up notifications for insights.
  • User Management: Add new users to maximize team capabilities.
Action Requested: Watch the video for a comprehensive guide on using the essentim web application effectively.


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