We are…

… a young company providing our customers with agile development of innovative approaches regarding wireless sensors and scalable web technologies. essentim is delivering hard- and software for the Internet of Things in professional applications.

Like-minded professionals with experience in digital electronics, material sciences, product development and IT. Since several years the team has been successful in delivering solutions for medical and laboratory technology meeting the high standards of quality. essentim lab will not only simplify, but revolutionise process documentation in biotechnology on a laboratory and industrial scale.

Our team

Matthias Schuh

m: matthias.schuh@essentim.com
t: 089 / 999 50695

Matthias Schuh graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical  University Munich. As a research associate at the chair of Medical Engineering he focused on innovative approaches to improve the incubation process of biological systems. Besides he has applied knowledge in polymer and production engineering.

Matthias Schuh manages the Business Development of essentim. He is responsible for partner and customer relations and attunes our products to production requirements.

Florian Pichler

m: florian.pichler@essentim.com
t: 089 / 999 50696

Florian Pichler is an electronics and mechanical engineer with a core competence in medical engineering. He has a lot of experience in devising sensor-based systems to improve processes in laboratory, medical and general industrial applications

Florian Pichler manages the product development of essentim. He is responsible for electronics development and production. He advocates and establishes an attractive and functional product design.

Bruno Schliersmair

m: bruno.schliersmair@essentim.com

Bruno Schliersmair graduated in informatics. His area of expertise are semantic networks and interactive web applications. In close cooperation with the user he develops clear and functional interfaces for optimised user experience.

Bruno Schliersmair supervises the development of our apps and user interfaces. He is responsible for providing a safe and regulatory conform storage of the customer data.

Jan Schmidle

m: jan.schmidle@essentim.com

Jan Schmidle graduated in informatics. His core competence are scalable web technologies, like performant backend systems and distributed architectures. He provides future-oriented solutions with a sight of the bigger picture.

Jan Schmidle supervises the development of our backend and APIs – one of the main technologies under the bonnet.

essentim GmbH

The foundation of essentim was late back in 2013. Matthias Schuh and Florian Pichler met at the Technical University of Munich working on the task of improving incubation technologies in biological laboratories. Trying to optimise the process conditions, both founders realised that exact measurements are required to verify whether an improvement has been achieved.

Initial measurements taken at the point of interest – the culture dish – they realised that this approach should be introduced as a standard of cell and biotechnologies.  Thereby highly improving the value creation in industrial production and research and development through the increase in process transparency and the reduction in document effort.

In 2015 they applied for the EXIST-Gründerstipendium (startup grant) which supported the development and market entry of essentim lab system.   They were joined by Bruno Schliersmair and Jan Schmidle who added core competence in web-based software technologies.

To the present day the focus of essentim is on the development of systems to improve and simplify laboratory work of today and tomorrow.

Florian Pichler, Matthias Schuh, Bruno Schliersmair und Jan Schmidle

The idea to essentim lab was conceived

First prototype

Research & development focusing on optimising incubation conditions

Improvement of prototypes

Filing of  EXIST start-up grant

Start of EXIST start-up grant

Development of the online-platform

New team members join

Finalisation of the first product line

First customers profit from essentim lab