Tutorial Videos

Tutorial 1 – Setup

Setting up our wireless sensor system is easy and just needs three steps. Check out our first tutorial video to get started!

Tutorial 2 – Webapp Overview

In this tutorial video you get a brief overview of all features provided by our basic webapp.

Tutorial 3 – Assays

The key component of our app is an assay. It’s a digital footprint of your sample or experiment containing all corresponding data.

Tutorial 4 – Assay Procedures

To accelerate and ease your documentation work we’ve implemented procedures in our app – see this video to learn how to use that powerful tool.

Tutorial 5 – Assay Graphs

The most expressive visualization of data points is in a graph. We’ve enriched the graphs with events for a new dimension of data interpretation.

Tutorial 6 – Assay Alerts

The essentim lab app makes it easy to manage and configure threshold values for triggering warnings or alerts in an assay – have a look!

Tutorial 7 – Scope Management

Interaction with the scope is a major element of working with essentim lab. Have a look at this video to see the interaction and monitoring functions.

Tutorial 8 – Data Logging

Beside the live data functionality the essentim lab system offers a data logging feature. Have a look at this video to see a sample logging case.

Tutorial 9 – Users & Collaboration

The essentim lab app makes it easy to manage users and collaborate, thus generating a seamless documentation of all worksteps – check it out!