Our system makes controlling, analysing and documenting all your lab process as easy as ever before.

Matthias Schuh, head of business development at essentim


Attach the scope at the vessel or the sample for the duration of the process.


The scope perceives the active procedure. The process information can be supplemented with corresponding data and individual information.


Take benefit from real-time data and alarms, simple comparison of trials, continuous quality control and permanent lab monitoring.

How does essentim lab work?


Attach the scope at the vessel or the sample for the duration of the process. The scope detects temperature, humidity, vibration, luminous intensity and atmospheric pressure. Future extensions will enable the measurement in fluids of dissolved oxygen, glucose, lactate and temperature. All data is transmitted in real-time to the scouter.

The network

Our network consists of the scopes attached at the point of interest and of the scouter acting as the central data collector. In the BASIC edition the scouter collects and visualises the data and allows a manual export whereas in the PRO edition the scouter acts as a gateway to forward data.

Available editions

In the BASIC edition essentim lab acts as a local measuring system in your facilities. The PRO edition offers an enlarged portfolio of functions and therefore a transmission of data to your servers on premise or to the essentim cloud.

essentim Lab BASIC

The essentim BASIC edition consists of:

  • 5 sensor units scope
  • 1 data collector  scouter
  • essentim BASIC App

The BASIC edition is a local measuring system without internet uplink. Access the essentim BASIC app via browser from any device on your local network. It allows to manage your scopes and measurements and to visualise data up to one month. Older data sets are stored as a file and can be downloaded on demand.

essentim lab kit (BASIC)
price on request

If you demand further functionality, such as user management or alarms pushed to your smartphone, you can sign up for the PRO features on a monthly basis.


Automatic archiving
No additional software required


Live visualisation
Instant control


Automatic detection
Easy manual supplement


essentim Lab PRO

The features of the BASIC edition are enhanced with a user management, alarms and notifications on all devices as well as with unlimited storage for data archiving. Furthermore you are able to compare and analyse several trial runs and you can access all your data from any device anywhere. The PRO edition can be hosted on premise or be fully accessed through the essentim cloud.

essentim PRO
price on request

essentim PRO comprises a 24 h support and a continuously growing portfolio of features and analytics.


Alarms on your devices
Definable threshold values


Teams management
User & access management


Simply compare outcomes
Optimise processes


Unlimited storage und archiving
Compliant digital data storage

What is essentim lab?

essentim lab pursues the goal to improve process, workflow and documentation in laboratories of today and tomorrow. As our first product essentim lab kit optimises the documentation of procedures and simplifies the effort for continuous quality control.

How does essentim lab work?
Pretty easy: Attach the scope to your vessel or the sample for the duration of the process and everything else is accomplished by our system. In contrast to state of the art measurement systems, like dataloggers or probes, the scope is meant as mobile wearable device transmitting data in real time being visualized by our lab application. Instead of a retrospective view of your process it enables immediate intervention if problems occur.

Our system furthermore recognises where the scope is located. The documentation of your steps of procedure is achieved automatically and significantly reduces manual documentation effort. Manual note entry is also supported. Thus, your process documentation is easier, more detailed and accomplished with more satisfaction.

User-friendly interfaces
During development we put our primary focus on delivering an easy handling to the user. The scope for example automatically adjusts its logging rate depending on the situation.
Our user-interface is optimised to access all functions with a minimum of effort. New assays are easily created and bound to a scope. After completion all assay data is accessible to facilitate process comparison, a continuous control of quality and measurement data.

Measurement and documentation have never been that easy before
Applying our system you gain instant access to all collected data with any device. Receive assay reports by e-mail or download the data with one click to your device. Additional software, drivers or devices are not necessary.