Evaluating your ideas and visions fast, efficiently and cost effective is achived by leveraging essentims’ modular hard- and software components.

Florian Pichler, head of product development at essentim.


You got a measurement task and require advice or a complete solution? We offer a broad spectrum of parameters and will extend these with your individual requirements:

  • Development of electronics
  • Design of housings
  • Production with our partners


Wireless systems for data transmission simplify the integration into your infrastructure and processes and also enable unlimited expandability:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.2, BLE 5)
  • ZigBee
  • WLAN


Software is supposed to support the user in the fulfilment of his tasks and not to obstruct. In addition to the function the usability is in the main focus of our software development:

  • Scalable web and cloud
  • Optimised user interface
  • Mobile Apps

Collaborating with essentim

Know How

Our interdisciplinary team combines know-how from different technology areas. As a team we solve your task and realise projects with the goal to generate highest customer satisfaction.


Our projects are not just a job, for us they are an opportunity to foster the progress of our company. Therefore, we pursue all tasks with high effort.

Curiosity & Creativity

Being a team of highly enthousiastic hardware and software engineers, we look forward to new challenging tasks. Applying our curiosity and creativity we will find the most suitable solution for you.

Sensors by essentim – grasp the unknown!

Sensor module development is achieved by selecting high-quality sensors available on the market and implementing these in our design. A broad spectrum of parameters is already available in our portfolio.

Basis parameters

> Temperature, humidity and air pressure
> Luminous intensity, acceleration and yaw rate
> Location and event detection

Biochemical parameters

> Glucose, lactate and dissolved oxygen
> pH-value


Our sensor modules are produced in Germany. With our partners we comply with highest quality demands as expected from the label „Made in Germany“.

Energy consumption

Low power components and optimised firmware ensure low energy consumption to achieve battery life time of more than 10 years.


Sensors should not obstruct a design a process. We optimise and miniaturise the sensor module so that it will seamlessly integrate into the application.

You require a specific parameter? Contact us!

Wireless data transmission – Cables are old school!

Wireless data transmission offers numerous advantages. No need to run cables, location-independent and mobile sensors as well as high flexibility for the user. We are specialised in transmitting data with technologies applying the 2.4 GHz band.

Wireless solutions

> Bluetooth
> Long Range applications (LoRa)


> Longstanding battery runtime of the devices
> Individual devices and sensors
> Direct access via smartphone


We analyse your application and derive an optimal suited infrastructure. Therefore, we select the adequate technology from our portfolio.

Reduced integration cost

Implementing a wireless system in your existing infrastructure is easy – cables are old school. Longstanding battery lifetime ensures significant reduction of maintenance and integration costs.


Extensions, modifications and adjustments will no longer result in a time and cost consuming effort. New devices automatically register with the system and start operation without additional configuration.

You are interested in a wireless system? Contact us!

Apps, cloud und software – only satisfied users are successful users

Nowadays one has to use software in nearly every situation, but the personal user experience is often ignored during software design. We put the focus on the user – whether it is the web app or a small screen at the device – we strive for the perfect user interface.

Software technologies

> Scalable web technologies (backend and frontend) 
> Mobile apps
> Years of experience in software development

User centred development

> Focus on positive user experience
> Workflow analyses and product design
> Application-oriented, intuitive Interfaces

Test driven development

Development is conducted in a test driven manner to guarantee stable and robust software you can depend on.

Service-orientated architecture

The software architecture is set up as service and software modules that may be combined in a flexible manner. Our existing components are thereby easily integrated into the new system and guarantee low integration costs and flexible growth.

Software as a service

To facilitate easy application, our software is offered as a service. We are taking care of operation and maintenance, so you can focus on completing your tasks and applying the software to reach your best outcome.

You desire a software that optimally fits your needs? Contact us!